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We are the dollmaker's of Glitter Town
This is own home town web site. To join in on any of the fun and challenges you must be a member of Glittering Threads at:

The Winner Is
From the Julie McCullough Challenge
comes the "One That Got Away!" Using the Secret Keeper Pattern.
Created By Judy Colpack

Because I am just a tad late getting this up, this pattern will be available until February 18th.
This Outfit is designed by Kathy Nelson. If you already have the doll you can by the clothing pattern and instruction only for $6.00 PPD. If you want the doll pattern included it is $9.00 PPD. All proceeds go to the scholarship fund.
Remember the outfit pattern below is availble only till December 31st. No more will be sold after that date.

Our Logo Doll
Chosen by the members and created by
Trudi Skate

Send Check Or Money order to:
Sandra Corson-Walker
12 Lowe Street
Madison, Maine 04950

 You will also find several other versions of her throughout the website. Look for Holiday versions also.
Check back often.

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