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The Five and Dime Store
Books and stuff
Scholarship Donations
Our Five and Dime Store is for selling patterns, Dolls, books and stuff buy our members. No credit cards are accepted at this time. An e-mail address will be posted with each item for sale for you to contact the seller of the item.

We will soon be taking donations of items to sell to rasie money for scholarships. There are many among us that can't afford to take any online classes and would like to. So we are gotting to set up a scholarship fund for that purpose.
Anyone of the members can qualify for a scholarship, all we ask in return is that you return the help in the way of donated items.
we will accept books, patterns, fabrics, bags of buttons and trims, any doll supplies, hair, and of course money.
You can send a jpeg attachment to mailto:
or send via snail mail to:
Sandra Corson
12 Lowe Street
Madison, Maine 04950