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Post Office Square

"The Folks Of Glittertown"
mayor of glitter town
The Christmas Challenge for 2002
Make a character that you think would reside in Glittertown, keeping in mind the glitter part. The librarian, School Teacher, Postmaster/mistress, etc.
Must be dressed in holiday garb and any pattern or original is accepted.
There will be two catagories beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced One winner in each catagory will recieve a $30.00 gift certificate to Doll heaven or Dollmaker's Journey, which can be applied toward supplies/patterns or a class. (this comes out of the scholarship fund)
I am opening up the voting to other list to help pick the winners. The deadline to have the photos to me (via jpg. email at is December 1st.
I will not be entering this challenge myself but am making the list Mom/Mayor to replace the photo of me on the home page.
Beginner Catagory
Angie Miller
Glitter Town Librarian, Pattern " Maurine O'Dare" by Sandra Corson-Walker
Gayle Matloff
The Glitter Town Vender, Glitter! Goes about the holidays spreading cheer and smiles.
Helen Grossmen
Tilda, Owner of the flower Shop.
Suzy Butler
School Teacher Pattern "Holly" By Sherry Goshon
Connie Johnson
Clarice, Classic Violinist
Deb Sherat
Helen Grossmen
Miss White, The Dance Teacher Getting ready to teach the Nutcracker Suite.
Lay - Tied for Winning Place
The Over the Hill Diva of Glitter Town
Carla Findley
Aloyious T. Wynn, The Library Storyteller
My name is Aloyious T. Wynn. The T. stands for Thaddeaus but don't tell anyone. I was never fond of it. I am the library storyteller. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love to see the childrens eyes light up when they are totally in to one of my stories and how they beg for more when the story is done.

Kathy Kolstead
Joshua Pringle, owner of the Ice Cream and Candy Imporium
Joshua Pringle is the owner of the Ice Cream and Candy Emporium in
Every Christmas he dresses up as "Jingle Pringle" and hands out ice cream
cones to the Glittertown orphanage and children in the hospital

Linda Purnell - Tied for winning place
Holistina Berry, Holly to friends, and Miss Mistletoe 1938
Tanina Drew

Advanced Catagory
Nancy Gawron - The Winner
Stu and Hubert
Stu owns the Glitter Town Grocery Store and Hubert is his Box Boy.
Every Christmas they bring out the Rudolph Costume and prance around at the
Glitter Town Community Christmas Party. Being the Boss, of course, Stu is
always the front end of the reindeer.

Trudi Skate
Nancy Gawron
This is George Nicholas
Because of his name, George has always been kidded about being Santa Claus's
Now that he is the Grandfather of triplets, he enjoys dressing up as Santa
for the tiny trio. He also welcomes the children in his Glittertown
neighborhood to come in and tell "Santa" their Christmas wishes.

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