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Freebie 3
Check Patti's website for her new free pattern, Soulmates!

Here is a very special gift of the Zaftig Fairy from Patti LaValley. She designed and created this wonderful ornament for us.


This cute little fairy makes a great pin doll or ornament. Zaftig is the Yiddish word meaning "juicy, voluptuous ". This is a flirty fairy who loves to dance!
Freezer paper or lightweight cardboard for pattern
1/8 yard muslin
black micron pen, fine point for features
fabric paints
prisma colored pencils
Krylon acrylic matte finish spray
3" wide white lace or purchased wings
assorted feathers, sequins, trims
small scrap of sequined fabric
small amount of hair material (yarn, curly locks, mohair)
turning and stuffing tools

Cut pattern from freezer paper or cardboard. Iron the pattern onto wrong side of doubled muslin. (Or draw around if using cardboard) Drawn lines will be your sewing lines. Use small stitch to sew around pattern, leaving open where indicated for turning and stuffing. Trim very close and turn right side out. Stuff doll firmly and close the opening with ladder stitch.  Seal face and other areas that are to be painted with the Krylon spray fixative. Use pattern as a guide to draw feathers and other details. Use colored pencils to apply color to eyes and check area. Use brown colored pencil to define breasts and "cheeks" on back. Glue on hair. Use a small piece of sequined fabric, wrapping around doll and glue in back, overlapping. Hand gather waist at front.  Add trim, beads, feathers, etc. Glue on purchased wings or make your own by gathering one edge of 3 inch wide white lace and glue two of these to each side in the back of the doll. Attach cord to top of head for ornament, or sew pin to back for pin doll.


Patti LaValley