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A fun link for a felted bear.

The Skating Snowman
by Sandra Corson-Walker
c copyrighted 2002
A Piece of white Craft Felt
A finger from an old glove
6" piece of 1/2" ribbon
Beads for the eyes, nose, and buttons
2 - 6" pieces of 20 gauge wire or small paper clips
Needle and thread
polyfil and hemostats
Pin back and glue
Sparkle Paint and brush
Cut 2 snowmen from felt. Start stitching at the X using a blanket stitch or slip stitch, whatever your comfortable with. Stitch to the heal, now shape the wire to match the pattern above. Fold wire in half and twist, shape to form a skate. Slide wire between the felt layers and stitch in place.
Continue stitching around the body to the top of other leg. Using your hemostats stuff the first leg and upper body. Continue stitching and repeat with second skate blade. Stuff this leg and the rest of body before closing the seam.
Wrap the ribbon around the neck and glue the ends down. Stitch on the beads for the eyes and nose, I stacked three orage beads for the nose. Use some larger more decorative beads for the buttons.
Cut about 2" off one finger of an old glove and roll the edge up. Glue or stitch to the top of the head.
Glue or stitch a pin back on the back of the snowman before painting on the sparkle paint, this will give you something to hold onto.
Now paint on the glitter paint and let dry.

Wala!! you have a jumping Skater!!