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The Glitter Town Church
A Place to leave your Prayers for someone special.
 Praying for everyone who needs a prayer until something good happens.

Many prayers and special thank yous to all the victims, families and volunteers for September 11, 2001.

Special prayers ongoing for the resident New Yorkers and all thier families that lived in the area of the plane crash. As well as the families and friends of the passengers of the plane that crashed on Monday November 12th, 2001.

A special prayer for all those living in the Maryland and Virgina area for they are currently living in fear because there is a sniper in thier midst.

I would like to say a few very special words for some of our doll friends who have not been well, who have had a really tough year, and those who have family members in need.
Be thankful for all the little things in your life,
Be Greateful to be alive,
Change the things you can and love the things you can't,
These are the wonderful things that make you who you are!
We all love you for that.